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A Letter of Instruction is easily overlooked because it is not a legally binding document like a will, power of attorney, or other estate planning documents. The Letter of Instruction is written to heirs and fiduciaries expressing the author’s hopes for the future, the reasoning behind final decisions, and the practical details fiduciaries may need.

It is easy to understand why the Letter of Instruction might be overlooked. But the importance of the Letter of Instruction lies in the personal nature of its contents. It is this document that can prevent family fights and bad feelings by giving an explanation for any surprise inheritances. This is the document that parents can use to leave detailed instructions for the guardians of their minor children. A Letter of Instruction is where one can also provide fiduciaries with additional personal instruction or suggestions for charitable contributions or disposition of other discretionary assets.

While a Letter of Instruction is not a necessary document, it is the most personal document in an estate plan. This one document can provide explanation and closure for loved ones who are left behind.

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