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An Orange County estate planning attorney notes that one of the driving factors for people who create estate plans is to provide adequately for a surviving spouse. The process can become more complicated when it involves multiple marriages and children from different marriages or relationships.

A will that is not updated following a divorce will benefit the spouse as written in the will, even if the decedent has remarried. There are many instances of ex-spouses becoming enriched from this oversight. When couples divorce, they should each update their estate planning documents — wills, beneficiary forms for retirement and investment accounts, life insurance policies, payable-on-death accounts, and so on — to reflect new beneficiaries.

When a person remarries, this is another occasion for updating all estate planning documents to reflect new heirs, or the estate may be left open for years of litigation. A qualified Orange County estate planning attorney can help married couples protect assets and plan for their eventual distribution to chosen beneficiaries.

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