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When most people think about an estate, they envision vast expanses of land, a stately home and great wealth. However, in truth, just about everyone has an estate.

Today, an estate is made up of everything a person owns, which includes personal possessions as well as a home, a car, bank accounts, insurance, furniture and more. And the purpose of estate planning is to furnish you with the control over how your estate is distributed to the people or organizations you care about.

Estate planning is also used for a number of other important things, including:

· Providing instructions for your care in case you are unable to do so;

· Naming someone to manage your financial affairs if you are unable to do so;

· Naming a guardian for your children;

· Providing for children or other family members who have special needs in a way that won’t affect government benefits;

· Providing protection for your assets, both during your lifetime and after;

· Minimizing taxes and probate fees;

· Planning for retirement and long-term care costs.

The Flanigan Law Group provides Southern California residents with personal attention for estate planning, administration and litigation legal services. When disputes between families, arise, they are very successful in resolving legal estate issues quickly and efficiently while preserving financial and emotional resources. Contact the Flanigan Law Group at 949-450-0041.