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Conventional wisdom has held that paying off your mortgage is highly desirable prior to retirement. But that was before historic low interest rates made paying off a mortgage less attractive.

People approaching retirement who are not sure how to handle their mortgages should consider a number of factors, including:

Future cash flow rate – a traditional fixed-rate mortgage is much cheaper than a reverse mortgage, so if you will need some of your home equity to live on in retirement, you are better off keeping the mortgage.

How long you will stay – if you plan to sell your home in the next five years, then paying off the mortgage can wait until then.

How much risk can you handle – if you worry about paying bills and have a big chunk of cash to draw on, you are probably better off paying the mortgage off with that cash. What you earn in a savings account or CD is not enough to offset what you are paying in interest on the mortgage.

Where the money will come from – if you have to use money from a retirement account to pay off the mortgage, don’t do it. You will have to pay income tax on the withdrawals and it may even land you in a higher tax bracket.

If you need protection – if you are facing a potential lawsuit or bankruptcy, there are rules that protect retirement accounts that are better than those protecting houses. So you would be better off keeping your money in a protected vehicle like an IRA or 401(k).

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