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It is important for Californians to consider how they want to handle their estates and then to make certain that they have the proper tools in place. If you are thinking about your own estate plan, it is important that you understand the different types of documents that may best protect your interests and those of your family.

The foundation of good estate plans is comprised of wills and trusts. These allow you to make certain that your assets will be transferred according to your wishes. These documents are important for everyone to have, regardless of how large or small their estates might be.

If your estate is sizable, you may have to have a more extensive plan to help to protect it from taxes and other problems. You’ll want to draft the documents in such a way that the potential for challenges will be minimized. It is important for you not to forget your pets when you are thinking about how to handle your estate. It is possible to create a trust to make certain that your pets will continue to receive the care that they need after you pass away.

The attorneys at The Flanigan Law Group understand the importance of drafting wills and trusts for their clients that minimize taxes and help to avoid other issues with their clients’ estates. We work closely with their clients to make certain that the wills and trusts that they create may better meet the needs of our clients. We help our clients identify the types of tools that they might need to make certain that their wishes are followed and that their assets can be passed smoothly. If you have questions about estate planning, you may want to review the information on our page on the subject.