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 An estate plan is supposed to be a blueprint for how you will distribute your worldly possessions and property upon your death. It is a chance to leave a legacy for your heirs and beneficiaries, but more importantly, you can help in carrying on traditions and values that make your family what it is.

Whatever you have envisioned in your plan, it has to be there in order for people to benefit from it. Unfortunately, there are many who want to take advantage of your generosity before you pass on and want to loot your estate.  As such, you must be wary of those with bad intentions for your future.

This post will highlight a few strategies that can help protect your estate from the deceitful and devious. 

Keep your financial information closed – Except for a few trusted advisors and friends, your financials should be closed off from everyone else. It is amazing how many new friends you may inherit when people know that you are wealthy.

Stay in your financial lane – When people try to steer you towards investments that do not fit your financial goals, hold true to what your principles are. After all, money making opportunities can cloud people’s judgment.

 Be wary of new friends – It is common to meet new people who have things in common with you. However, if new people are interested in your wealth or constantly need financial assistance, it may not be genuine.

If you have additional questions about how to protect your wealth, an experienced estate planning attorney can help.