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Estate planning can be difficult and confusing regardless of what age you are. There are different issues to confront if you are young and just starting out, as well as if you are up in age and have millions in assets. In either situation, it is prudent to have an experienced estate planning attorney to advise you so that you can pass on a legacy without too many issues.

But how do you go about choosing an attorney? Indeed, you can go with referrals or search for counsel online, but in the midst of your search, asking questions is key. This post will focus on a few questions you should ask before hiring an estate planning attorney.

What is your experience handling an estate like mine? – Indeed, you will want to know about an attorney’s experience with estate planning. But it should go beyond just how long ago a person graduated from law school and the certifications they have received along the way. The attorney you interview should explain how their process works and how their experience will benefit you.

Are there pitfalls I should be aware of? – Every estate, just like every case, has its potential issues that could lead to major problems. An estate planning attorney should be able to explain the red flags that you should be aware of as well as the remedies to those issues.

How much is your practice dedicated to estate planning? – This question is an extension to the “experience” question in that it will reveal whether a particular attorney is a specialist or not.