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Creating an estate plan for yourself – or helping your aging parents with the task – usually involves the disposition of personal property and other tangible assets. Little thought is usually given to the digital assets that have become so important to everyday life – online bill pay, online investing, social media network accounts and other digital properties so many of us are involved in on a daily basis.

Here are some tips for planning for the disposition of your digital assets:

Online financial accounts – if you regularly pay bills online, be sure that someone you trust has a list of your login information or knows where to find it should something unexpected happen to you. If you are incapacitated for a period of time, they can handle your financial affairs online if you provide them with the authority via a power of attorney.

Manage your data – changes in technology happens frequently, and if you want your data to live on after you are gone, you should name a beneficiary for each online account you own.

Protect your legacy – give your executor access to your social media accounts so they can preserve your photos and past posts for family members who want to keep them.

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