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An Irvine estate planning lawyer provides eight tips to take to minimize the chance your will could be contested:

1. Consult with a qualified California estate planning attorney.

2. Pick the right executor and trustees. Don’t appoint relatives who don’t get along.

3. Talk about it now. Inform family members of your intentions to alleviate future misunderstandings.

4. Know state laws. Laws vary from state to state; if you hire a qualified California estate planning attorney, you can avoid probate and sidestep other pitfalls.

5. Make your intentions known early and often. If you confirm your estate plan, it makes it harder to contest your estate.

6. Make sure title to your assets is clear, and matches the provisions of your will.

7. Consider including a “no contest” clause.

8. Don’t try to manage your estate from the grave. Consider letting heirs make some minor determinations on how assets like tangible personal property are divided.

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