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A California will is a crucial document that spells out your wishes for the disposition of your assets – and once you are gone, family members cannot go back and “fix” a will that has been executed improperly. This is why it is critical to have a California will prepared by a qualified California estate planning attorney, who can ensure that all the proper formalities have been followed.

Before you have a California will prepared, here are 10 things you need to consider:

1. The assets to be included in the will, and other assets you may wish to place in trust.

2. The names of your primary and secondary beneficiaries

3. Any family members or other heirs you do not want to include in your will.

4. If the potential exists for your will to be contested.

5. The people that you want to inherit personal assets – art collections, jewelry, etc.

6. The name of the person or persons you want to serve as executor of your will.

7. The existence of any other wills that need to be revoked.

8. Your own mental competence to sign the will.

9. The identification of those who will witness the signing of your will (California law requires at least two people to witness a will).

10. Choosing a California estate planning attorney to prepare your will.

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