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The Internet has made it easier than ever to do many things that we used to hire professionals to do, and one of the most popular options has been using an online form service to create a will. But when it comes to executing this important legal document, what you don’t know can hurt you – and prove costly to your heirs.

Here are the top five reasons you should get professional help to draft your will:

1. Save money. Online services tout low cost wills, but what they don’t tell you is that a mistake can end up costing your family a lot more. Depending on how complex your estate is, attorney’s fees for creating a will can be relatively inexpensive.

2. Eliminate errors. In order to be valid, a will must be error-free. If additions or changes are made improperly, the will can be declared invalid.

3. Eliminate potential for confusion. The language used in a will must be specific, and a California estate planning attorney will use standard language that is known and accepted by the courts. Wills that are vaguely worded only cause confusion.

4. Cover contingencies. Estate planning lawyers understand the many contingencies that have to be taken into account when executing a will – contingencies that a lay person will likely miss.

5. Ensure validity. If you create a handwritten will and do not follow proper procedure, your will can be declared invalid. Each state has its own laws on what must be taken into account when drafting a will, so to make sure your will is legal, it is best to consult with a California estate planning attorney.

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