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It is incredibly common for people to have specific ideas regarding what they would want to have their assets put towards if they were to die. For many individuals, these ideas include wishes for such assets to go to loved ones or towards the care of loved ones.

Among the main goals of estate planning is to set up a legal framework that will implement your wishes when you pass away. Estate plans can contain many different types of legal devices.

Many estate plans include trusts. These legal devices can be a valuable tool when it comes to directing how assets will be distributed after one’s death. They can be set up to provide for the care of one’s children or other loved ones. This doesn’t just include human loved ones, but also can include cherished furry members of the family; trusts can be set up that are directed towards the care of pets.

There are multiple types of trusts, and trusts can contain a remarkably wide range of terms. What kinds of trusts and trust terms would be best suited for a given person’s estate plan depends on many things, including the size and nature of the person’s estate and their specific goals.

Our Orange County Trust Administration Lawyers have considerable knowledge and experience when it comes to trusts and other estate planning devices, and we are committed to matching individuals with the estate plan that is right for them. We strive to gain a deep understanding of what our clients want from their estate plans and to help them put the legal mechanisms in place that will best help them achieve these wishes.