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If you’ve experienced – or are about to experience – a big change in your life, chances are that change should also be reflected in your will.

There are two ways to change your will – by modifying it with a codicil, or by drawing up a new will. It is usually easiest – and helps reduce any potential for confusion – to create a new will when something major happens in your life, like:

Marriage – both spouses should create new wills after they get married. If the marriage brings stepchildren into the picture – and you want to include them in your will – you must specifically name them, unless you have legally adopted them.

Divorce – suffice it to say, if you’ve divorced someone, you probably don’t want him or her getting any (more) of your assets. While a divorce judgment revokes a gift made to your spouse in your will in most states, you should make a new will after your divorce.

Birth – you should establish guardianship for a minor child in your will.

Death – if someone you have provided for in your will dies before you do, a new will should be made to redistribute the asset.

In addition, you will need to create a new will if you have disposed of any property that you gifted in your will or if you change your mind about a beneficiary.

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