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One of the essential things behind estate planning is retirement planning. After all, enjoying one’s golden years is why people work all the extra hours and design their lives a certain way. Indeed, retirement planning is somewhat the luck of the draw, because it depends on a number of things that you cannot control (e.g. good health, economic growth).

Despite this, it is important to take the proper steps in planning for retirement.  After all, it is no secret that some baby boomers will be unable to stop working because they don’t have the benefit of a pension, or may have to tap into retirement funds early because of other financial issues.

Because of this, we offer a few helpful tips for investment as you consider how your retirement will come together.

Make sure your investments stand up to calamities – We may be six years removed from the last recession, but it should be a lesson on how we invest in the future. Essentially, your investments should be able to withstand market fluctuations.

Take due care with new investments – It is important to plan for growth, but managing risk is also critical as you get up in age. After all, you have less time to rebound from calamities.

Make sure Social Security works for you- Just like managing risk, it is helpful to learn how Social Security can work for you, and not against you. Playing the waiting game is one way to do so. Keep in mind, if you can wait longer to begin receiving benefits, you may receive better payments.