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It is not uncommon for elderly homeowners to transfer their homes into the name of a child (or children) in hopes of reducing estate taxes, avoiding probate or to protect the home in case of long-term care claims.  However, this can be a clumsy – and potentially disastrous — way of trying to accomplish these important estate planning goals.

Probably the #1 reason to proceed with caution is that by transferring your home to your children, you put your home at risk for their bad personal and/or financial decisions.  Your home could become a battleground in a divorce property dispute, or laid claim to by creditors.  Certainly this is not what you intended, but it happens every day.

A better way to achieve your estate planning goals is to meet with an estate planning attorney to create a trust to protect your home, avoid probate and preserve tax benefits.  A trust can pass this valuable asset to your children while still providing you with lifetime ownership rights, giving you peace of mind and security.

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